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About us

We are an indie game company developing a plethora of amazing games!

Many years ago our CEO decided that he wanted to get into coding. 2 years later he started Sharks Interactive.
Now we are working on our first games!
Come and join us on our journey!

The team

Owen Silva - CEO/Lead Programmer

Melissa Silva - Playtester/President

Redmond Shinnick - Assistant Programmer


Currently we are focused on making games, but in the future we will except contracts for websites!
We are also considering publishing a book, and even working on a few short films.

Facility 3B

A singleplayer, survival horror exploration game
being developed by Sharks.

Download it, and see more info here!

Man hunt!

A singeplayer story driven, horror slenderman inspired experience
Developed by Sharks

This game is not done yet. This is only a sneak peak.

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